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Initially founded in 1958, the company co-founded by George F. Eyde and his brother Lou Eyde, has evolved into Eyde Development. 

Eyde Development leverages more than 60 years of expertise across various real estate and management specialties to create beneficial partnerships and modern, state-of-the-art projects with a forward-focused vision. The company currently owns and operates in Michigan, Ohio, and Minnesota.

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Our Leadership Team


Evemarie Eyde


Matt Eyde


Nathaniel Eyde


Mark Clouse

CFO/General Counsel

Larry Viles

Senior Property Manager

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At our core, we’ve always been a family business. We regard our employees as an extension of our family. Check here for our current job listings and join our team.

Front Desk

"I don't look up to anyone. I don't look down on anyone. I look them straight in the eye."


These words from George Eyde are the centering moral value we take into business daily. George truly believed in treating all people with care and respect.

George Eyde co-founded the company that would evolve into Eyde Development. George began in the real estate business with his brother, Louis J. Eyde, in 1958. Today, three of George’s children, Evemarie, Matt, and Nathaniel, own the firm, headquartered in Lansing, MI.

George was born in Lansing to his parents, Sam and Eva Eyde. He attended Michigan State University, where he studied urban planning and residential construction. During his time at MSU, he was a member of the 1955 National Championship Spartan football team. George later served in the U.S. National Guard.

George married MaryAnn Christensen Eyde in 1969 and had six children. He loved Lansing, family, and making a deal.


George F. Eyde | 1935-2017

Founder, In Memorium

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