I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for your efforts to make our recent move to the Eyde location an overwhelming success.  We are thrilled with our new space and have received numerous compliments from our patients and vendors that have visited us here.
  We feel very fortunate and blessed to have had this vision and more importantly to be able to see this become a reality.  Not only is our morale at an all time high, but our patients have the wonderful benefit of having their care provided in one of the best offices in the Mid Michigan area. 

- Douglas P. Dietzel, DO
- Clinical Director MSU SportsMedicine

  I want to take a moment to tell all of you what a pleasure it is to work with all of you.  Everyone is always pleasant & professional.  No task is too petty and no job is left undone.  Whenever we call we get prompt & timely assistance and you should all be cloned so that everyone could work with people like you.

- Stella Gallagher
- Leona Group

Dear Central Park Apartments,
  Last Sunday we awoke to a cold apartment; our pilot light was out!  It took only fifteen minutes before someone came and fixed it!  We continue to be impressed and pleased by the high level of service here.  Everything – including snow removal – is handled very well.  It’s a pleasure to live here!

- George and Robin Ayars
- Central Park Apartments Resident

I would like to take this opportunity to personally “Thank” the Eyde Staff for all of their continued efforts and support to the Enterprise Business Systems Projects - Michigan State University.  Most recently we were making some updates to our kitchen, and the maintenance staff volunteered to assist us in discarding a microwave that quit working nearly 6 months ago, and I graciously accepted.  They brought to my attention a few days later that instead of throwing it away they decided to take a look at it to see if they could fix it and found that it had a fuse blown, and called to say they fixed and free of charge and were returning the working microwave.

It’s the little things that people do when they don’t have to that make a true difference – Thank you Dan and Jeff!!

-Eden Davis
-Business Operations Manager
-Michigan State University – EBSP

Let me add my own thank you.  We really appreciate the value add that is a continuing characteristic of the service provided by you, Jeff and the entire Eyde team that we work with and rely on every day.

-Bruce Alexander
-Director, Enterprise Business Systems Projects
-Michigan State University

I would like to take a moment to thank you for making the transition to our new Eyde office location smooth and successful. Your staff has been prompt and professional in helping us complete numerous site projects. As our numbers continued to grow you, and the Eyde Team, offered a solution of an adjoining office area that fit our needs very well. We were able to move in quickly, allowing us to comfortably house our entire Franklin Energy, KEMA family. On behalf of our staff, we appreciate all your efforts in making this a great place to work! 

-John Starkey
-Program Manager
-Consumers Energy Saving Solutions

Hi Jim,
I would like to take a moment to commend both Rich & Janelle for their outstanding effort and true display of partnering with us throughout the entire retrofit process. They never hesitated to go the extra mile in our behalf on numerous occasions. I would like to extend my thanks to Rich and Janelle for the great success of our retrofit.
That along with the genuine and gracious hospitality we received during our visit, not only from Rich, Janelle and Shelley but equally from George, Lou and Irvin as well, who each took time away from their schedule to meet with us & make us feel most welcome. Beyond being extended the use of your conference room, wireless connectivity, snacks & pies, it was the warm personalities from those mentioned and other office personnel that shined through and made our stay a pleasant one.
The testament of what I mention here, and after having met Dan, Jeff, Shelley & yourself as our support team going forward, I have the utmost confidence that we made the right choice in investing in the Eyde Company for our East Lansing office.
Thank you for a job well done!

-Tom Insinna
-Specialist, General Affairs
-Canon Business Solitions, Inc.

Good morning Jim,
I have been asked to share with you feedback from the Executives of the University.  They have been kept apprised of the overall Air Quality investigation as well the overall day to day business that we have with you and the Eyde Company and they are very pleased to continually hear such positive progress and the overall satisfaction from all of them as to our relationship and immediate responses that you all strive to continually meet and far exceed in meeting.  Kudos to the Eyde Company!

-Eden Davis
-Business Operations Manager
-Michigan State University
-Enterprise Business Systems Projects

My parents lived at Club Meridian Apartments for the last seven years, and they loved the apartment complex and felt the leasing and maintenance staff were very pleasant to work with.  They truly enjoyed their time at Club Meridian.


It has been a pleasure working with your team on this lease and construction project. I was especially impressed with your teams ability to communicate well and get the project done quickly. I look forward to more positive experiences with the Eyde company.

-Jamie Cronin
-Manager, Facility Development
-Union Pacific Railroad

I have one word to describe my experience with your Eyde Headquarters staff: PHENOMENAL!!!  Nichole, Kim, Melissa and Shelley were incredible!  Throughout the ordeal, they were courteous, personal, understanding and extremely professional!  They were willing to do whatever necessary to accommodate my needs.  They worked together as a team and I never felt pressured to rush the process on my end by either of them.  There is a gamut of things they could have done from a negative approach, but for these ladies, Excellent Customer Service appeared to be their ultimate focus and concern.  Their attitudes were a true reflection of the Eyde Company.  Mere words cannot begin to express what my heart feels today when I think back on the experience.  Thanks Nichole, Kim, Melissa and Shelley, for making my living experience at Central Park Apartments a true pleasure!

-G. Yvette Robinson
-Central Park Apartments Resident

I just want to take a moment to thank you for the awesome job your employees do in keeping our facility clean and presentable. It is so nice to come into the building in the morning and it’s clean, bright and smells great. My trash is emptied every night…I feel so pampered! The ladies restroom is always sparkling and stocked – another great perk! The guy I see every afternoon as I’m leaving is kind, upbeat, ambitious and always smiling. I just can’t say enough what a fantastic job you do in keeping us tidy!

Thank you

-Tammy Triplett